All We Ever Got Was Cold(A Mixtape)

“After some hours, the dogs, exhausted by running round, almost dead, their tongues hanging out, set upon one another and, not knowing what they are doing, tear one another into thousands of pieces with incredible rapidity. Yet they do not do this out of cruelty.

One day, a glazed look in her eyes, my mother said to me: ‘When you are in bed and you hear the barking of the dogs in the countryside, hide beneath your blanket, but do not deride what they do: they have an insatiable thirst for the infinite, as you, and I, and all other pale, long-faced human beings do.’

Since that time, I have respected the dead woman’s wish. Like those dogs I feel the need for the infinite. I cannot, cannot satisfy this need. I am the son of a man and a woman, from what I have been told.

This astonishes me…I believed I was something more.”

― Comte de Lautréamont, Maldoror

Both illustrations are made by Tagliamani, I only added the song titles in the playlist image below.

4 Responses to “All We Ever Got Was Cold(A Mixtape)”
  1. edlorado says:

    Ευχαριστώ παιδιά!

    • scar says:

      Εμείς σε ευχαριστούμε ελντοράντο που δεν έχεις χάσει mixtape για mixtape…δεν έχουμε λόγια, πραγματικά..(καλόπιασμα )

  2. edlorado says:

    keep up the hard work!;-)

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