Japanese Girls And Ice Creams

I can’t believe that two whole years had passed since, me and Bruise, wrote this post  about Frequency oN. Time passes quickly, I suppose, and the present seems to be fading under the blurry wave of crisis, that seems so willing to devour our rational state of consciousness. But I have no desire to talk about that. Words fail me every time. I much more prefer actions, such as Frequency oN ‘s composition of “Japanese Girls” and having the guts to go out there and perform, while knowing that there’s nothing to gain, nothing to be conquered. This is why I truly love and respect  such bands, to which I would also add  The You And What Army Faction, Liarbirds and Hometaping. I respect them for having the nerve to create art in the desolated  landscape of  a city that each day looks more and more like a dead corpse. And yes, in times like these, music always sounds more interesting and vital and art, in any form portrayed, has a greater purpose. But the cost was always heavy for the artists who were able to observe and record the reality’s decadent path that would each time surround them, even if this reflective reaction would be contradictive with their own existence. I’ve tried to use that approach in the video that I’ve created for “Japanese Girls”. I’m not an artist, it’s Frequency oN who gave me the reason and the inspiration to attempt a visual escort for their nihilistic anthem and I can’t deny that I feel glad for having a small part in their creative process.




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