Never You Mind, Honey…Never You Mind

The trucker didn’t have a chance!

I could see it wasn’t his fault.

The sand was blowing.

I never noticed him.
Figured nobody’d be in the street.

What was he doing out there anyway?

He weren’t doing nothing.
He’s just simple-minded.

– Never had sense.
– Wasn’t your fault.

Hell, no. I can see that.

He was just a dumb old kid.

Didn’t know enough to keep his ass
out of the cold.

Let’s eat. Ain’t had breakfast.

I’d like to know what
he was doing with that broom.

He was sweeping, you sons of bitches!

He was sweeping!

Y’all got some crazy kids
in this town.




2 Responses to “Never You Mind, Honey…Never You Mind”
  1. bruise says:

    happy it got through to you… mind me, ain’t the mother better than the daughter? at least she had her Lion. But I’ve got my Wolf!

  2. scar says:

    her daughter was the antichrist…(scared little voice)

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