Brain Damage

Normally, i would like this weekend to end with a quiet and gentle song.
Something to ease my head and calm my nerves.
Something to erase all the hedonism and heavy drinking of the last two days.
Who wants that?

3 Responses to “Brain Damage”
  1. bruise says:

    honestly I do not understand why should anybody erase any point of enjoyed hedonism, with or without pain. Heavy drinking, yes I wish, me and my migraines!

  2. ominim says:

    Nothing wrong with a good old weekend migraine! makes you feel (a)live. Now that’s life! BTW, next wednesday round ours for LOST, frankies and spoiler discussion. Well the last one applies to us girls who can’t tame their female intuition. You boys keep your ears shut, stick a lollipop in your mouth and hum to the ending credits theme.

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