Happy New Fear

maybe…just maybe..that was a bit mental…so here’s a sane new song to kick start the year..

4 Responses to “Happy New Fear”
  1. the1015lab says:

    happy new year you sickos!

  2. scar says:

    yeah baby…thrills pills and judas priest

  3. bruise says:

    In the cool of the evening
    When everything is getting kind of groovy
    You call me up and ask me
    Would I like to go with you and see a movie
    First I say no, I’ve got some plans for tonight
    And then I stop and say alright
    Love is kind of crazy with a spooky little INDIE like you.
    (She is my kind. Trapped in a white woman’s body)

    Beloved Ri,
    what would you expect apart from cheap thrills and gummy bear sweets?

  4. scar says:

    I don’t feel too steady on my feet
    I feel hollow i feel weak
    Passion fruit and holy bread
    Fill my guts and ease my head
    Through the early morning sun
    I can see her here she comes

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