Three things I’ve learned from saam

My tendency of spending my time trying to find things to waste my time and have a zero result is a guilty pleasure. It’s that eagerness and probably jealousy towards plants that I would like to share the same hobbies with them.

There are a whole bunch of people who will satisfy that particular need of mine. One of them is Saam Farahmand. If he doesn’t ring you a bell, well, he is a known music video director who has collaborated with Simian Mobile Disco and Hercules and Love Affair, to name a few.

Now here is this project of his. You need sound and no brain cells to watch. Everytime you refresh the page there is a different video.

Click and 15 minutes of your life (at least) will be gone forever. Hurrayyy

Now the three things I’ve learned because I didn’t have more time:

  1. When you are interviewing experimental bands such as Mars Volta, you don’t need to sound as an experimental journalist. Nobody understands you and nobody likes you either. And that’s not cool. Go drink some latte and forget the rock and roll liquor.
  2. Sesame street helped the Streets singer, Mike Skinner, pass the 3rd grade. And he is showing his appreciation in every single song of his. Or he just might not have got through the rest of elementary school.
  3. Serge Gainsbourg is the devil and Jane Birkin is Jesus. That’s why Lars Von Trier made their daughter, Charlotte, suffer.
One Response to “Three things I’ve learned from saam”
  1. scar says:

    4.G.W.Bush wants to take Tony Blair to a gay bar and start a newclear war
    5.Nicole Kidman wants to fuck girls
    6.Quentin Tarantino has a soft spot for Elton John
    7.kermit sings “New York I Love You(but you bringing me down” so much better than James Murphy
    8.the best way to deal with uncomfortable silence is…to stay silent

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