Girls With Guitars

This is the correct way to wear Alexander Wang’s biker jacket hold a guitar…during a nylon photo shoot…

p.s careful while watching, you may fall asleep or die of boredom

This is not the correct way to hold a guitar…but who cares when it comes to kicking and screaming Japanese girls?

p.s Ice cream is recommended while watching

5 Responses to “Girls With Guitars”
  1. the1015lab says:

    is there a wrong way you can wear this jacket?
    i mean if you own it, you ought to know how to wear it missy. don’t you?
    p.s. watching the video without sound because of office restrictions and i m already half asleep..

  2. bruise says:

    Right, why the rumor about japanese girls smelling sushi all the way down makes you wanna eat some ice cream…. Who by the way, are experimentally ugly. And the fact (I didn’t know) they supported Sonic Youth makes them less promoted. I guess what gossip girl would say about that. HOHO
    Anyway, my oppinion is the same. Lissy – Lezzy – Trullie is flatter than a witch’s tit and my reason of hating/ admiring might be associated also with the Alexander Wang jacket and vest which I cried over but I do believe she has some potentials. And I do admit liking her cover of Ready for the floor.

  3. scar says:

    true..she has some potentials..for the 15th season of the L word -the indie hipsters edition

  4. bruise says:

    well it’s either that or the next simian mobile disco video. hey, that’s not bad at all if you consider that afrirampo might future in the next “keyword: japanese/korean/chinese douchebag lezzies with fried brain and pre-parkinson syndrome covered in colour” youporn video. Or even worse, substitute the bitchy disfigured Asian on Grey’s Anatomy.

  5. scar says:

    couldn’t help and type these keywords on mean youporn?is soooo 2003)..damn!nothing yet
    only a bab will understand the value of afrirampo..
    @ri..watching the video without sound is the correct way to watch the video..

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