This name Krautrock – it’s coming from some idiots. I don’t know who, but it was never used in those times. The music was called Deutsch Rock, or electro rock, underground music, free rock. It really had no name, and it also had different colours in different cities.Like from Berlin it was more cosmic,with Cluster and Tangerine dream.We were from Dusseldorf so more industrial, and Can in Cologne were more rock-orientated.
This name was later introdused by people who maybe like this music, but it’s an insult, and it’s also nonsense because we don’t eat sauerkraut. And the music wasn’t made by vegetables. It’s like saying “fish and chips music”, or “spaghetti music”. It’s great that people can see the creativity, but maybe you can think of a more intelligent name?

Ralf Hutter from Kraftwerk

Τι ταμπέλα θα κολλήσω τώρα στους Twinkranes? Γερμανοί δεν είναι αλλά θα ορκιζόμουν πως…oh fuck it…Deutschelectroundergroundfreerock inspired kids creating music that feels like a kick in the teeth..gum anyone?

or at least a cherry flavoured eye candy?

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